Taiwan’17 – MUNA Hostel

On my first night in Hualien, we decided to stay in a better hostel, nearer to the Hualien station, as the transportation is not as accessible as Taipei’s. Thus, we chose MUNA out of the different hotels/hostels there are in Hualien.

It cost NT$1800, per night, which adds up to S$41 per person. I ain’t sure if it is worth the price, but, I shall say, it is really convenient and comfortable. It is opened by a couple (Boyfriend and Girlfriend), who was traveling to Japan on the day we checked out.

Free coffee, anytime of the day.
The price comes with breakfast, so Jasmine and I ordered set A, which is pork chop egg hamburger + 2 hot dogs + 1 drink (Black Tea / Milk Tea / Soya Milk / Orange Juice). And it is delivered to us at our specified timing, the next morning.

Breakfast in bed.

Located at 國民三街, it is accessible via walking, and we can reach in 10 minutes from Hualien Station. If you manage to avoid drivers who approach you for tours to Taroko.

The room we have is a double room, and my first reaction to it is WHITE BEDSHEEEEETSSSS !!! I’ve always wanted white bedsheets, but, boy, it’s going to be difficult to maintain back at home.

Don’t this makes you feel like travelling the world?

It comes with tea. And boy, I forgot to buy tea before leaving Taiwan.

So here are the photos around the hostel.

We stayed at A1.

Their levels, goes by A B C instead of Level 1, 2, 3

View from the balcony.
The library that never opens throughout the 2 days we were in Hualien


On day 1, we were looking for lunch, and chance upon this 早餐店, and the food is really yummy. It is located just by the street.

All in all, I find that the staffs of MUNA are really very nice, especially when we asked for directions and where to go at Taroko on day 1.  Also, a chat before our high-speed rail on day 2. I will definitely recommend staying in MUNA Hostel.

However, given another opportunity to go back to Hualien, I definitely would like to try other lodging choices, as part of experiencing different options available.

MUNA Hostel 

Link we booked
No. 26, Guomin 3rd Street, 970 Hualien City, Taiwan

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