Taiwan’17 – Seven Star Lake (Qi Xing Tan) 七星潭

Walked to the Hualien Station, to board the Hualien Bus which we used for our Taroko trip. It is only one stop away, and it costs NT$24 one way (NT$48 for both)

I’ve always loved the sea. Qi Xing Tan is a pebbled beach located at the pacific ocean. It another must-go for me when I chose to visit Hualien for this trip.

There are shops at the back of lorries, that sells local delights like 烤地瓜 and drinks, for a pretty affordable price. I mean, as compared to what we see at shops near the beaches, in other beaches.

I shall let the photos do the talking since picture speaks a thousand words. Geddit geddit? >_<

Pebbled ground. Blue sea. Clear Skies.


Helped graduating students to take photo of them in graduation gowns in exchange for our photo

After visiting Qi Xing Tan we went around Hualien Station, before collecting our luggages, to proceed back to Taipei.


  1. Very interesting photo story.

  2. Looks like a fun place to visit in Taiwan! Great photos!

    1. Yeah ! Hope you will visit taiwan soon !

  3. love this post! you look so happy in all your photos! and the color of that water?! I had no idea! I need to get to Taiwan one year, it is for sure on my bucket list!!

    1. Thank you !
      You really should try Taiwan one day ! Its a wonderful country !

  4. Lovely photos! That beach looks beautiful.

    1. Thank you 🙂
      It is so special.

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