7D6N Taiwan Budget Trip Summary :S$591 all-in

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Recently, I’ve been back from a 7 Days 6 Night Taiwan Budget trip, and here is my summary of the trip.
Taiwan is somewhere which I’ve always wanted to travel to for the past 5 years.

It was firstly due to the influence of Taiwanese reality programs and dramas, then me knowing people from Taiwan, then working in a Taiwanese store…. And lastly, it was an impulse, booking the ticket during scoot sales which happens 7-9am every Tuesday, which happens to be this trip. As I’ve always been taking red-eye flights most of the time, we also chose red-eye flight for our trip to Taiwan, so we can spend more time there while saving up on lodging and transportation (taxi).

Realising we are quite strapped for cash after purchasing my air ticket, I asked my friend, why not let’s do a budget trip and see how much we can save, therefore, our Taiwan trip came with a budget!

This is my first time to Taiwan, and I really want to spend time in Taipei. We decided not to go to so many areas in Taiwan, thus, concentrating in Taipei and Hualien. And traveling further means more money will be spent on High-Speed Rail, since it is a budget trip, we shall stick to exploring 2 area instead of an islandwide one.

Here is our itinerary:

Day 1 – 7th Jan 2017

2230 – Reached Changi Airport
2300 – Check in (Flight TR202)
0600 – Reached 桃園國際機場
0800 – Reached Taipei Main Station
0815 – Purchased tickets to Hualien at Taipei Bus Terminal
0820 – Board bus from Taipei Bus Terminal to Luodong Station
0946 – Board Train 4146 from Luodong Station to Hualien Station
1120 – Reached Hualien Station
1140 – Placed luggages at Muna Hostel
1200 – Grabbed Lunch
1230 – Board Taroko bus to Taroko
2030 – Cabbed back to hostel

Day 2 – 8th Jan 2017

0830 – Rise and Shine + Breakfast
1010 – Proceed to Hualien Station to board Taroko Bus
1020 – Proceed to 七星潭 via Taroko Bus
1200 – Back to Hualien Station
1215 – Collect Train Ticket to Taipei at 7-11
1220 – Walked around Hualien
1300 – Collect luggage at hostel
1400 – Board Fuxing Express 691 to Taipei
1630 – Reached Taipei Main Station
1700 – Take MRT to 東門station
1730 – Check in Airbnb
1815 – Shop around 西門町
2200 – Airbnb Sweet Airbnb

Day 3 – 9th Jan 2017

1100 – Rise and Shine
1200 – Walk to Yong Kang Street, 永康街
1230 – Lunch at 永康牛肉麵
1300 – Bus to 四四南村
1330 – Walk around 四四南村
1400 – Walk around Taipei 101
1530 – Walk to National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall (國立國父紀念館)
1600 – Guard changing ceremony
1700 – Proceed to 象山
1800 – Sunset at 象山
2000 – Reach 師大夜市 (Shida Night Market)
2200 – Airbnb Sweet Airbnb

Day 4 – 10th Jan 2017

0800 – Rise and Shine
0830 – Train to 新北投 station
0930 – Walk around 北投 area
1115 – Lunch at 滿客屋拉麵
1145 – Walk back to train station to go 淡水 (Tamsui)
1320 – Sight seeing around Tamsui Historical Museum
1500 – Walk around 淡水老街
1800 – Shop around 士林夜市

Day 5 – 11th Jan 2017

1000 – Rise and shine
1100 – Purchase local products around Yong Kang Area
1300 – Purchase local products at Chiate 佳德糕餅有限公司
1400 – Place stuff back at airbnb
1430 – Bus to 西門町 night market.
1700 – Reach 二二八和平公園
1730 – Walk along Nanyang Street
1900 – Walk around 五分舖
2000 – Walk around 饒河夜市

Day 6 – 12th Jan 2017

0730 – Rise and Shine
0900 – Take Tze-Chiang Limited Express (自強號) to Ruifang
0940 – Reach Ruifang Station
1020 – Reach 九份老街
1245 – Lunch at 張記九份傳統魚丸
1315 – Bus to 十三層遺址, 陰陽海
1400 – Bus to Golden Waterfall
1500 – Bus to 新北市立黃金博物館
1830 – Walk around 西門町

Day 7 – 13th Jan 2017

1000 – Rise and Shine
1100 – Bus to 中正紀念堂
1250 – Walk around 中正紀念堂 area
1300 – Guard Changing Ceremony
1430 – Walk around Taipei Main Station
1600 – Dinner buffet at 马辣顶级麻辣鸳鸯火锅
2000 – Pick up luggage at airbnb
2030 – Uber to airport
2200 – Reach airport for check in

This concludes our 7D6N impromptu Taiwan Budget trip. 

As below are our budget breakdown for the Taiwan Budget trip
Air ticket: $233 with 20kg luggage TPE > SIN
Accommodation: $128
Transportation: $60
Food: $130
Shopping: $40
Total: $591

Hualien – MUNA Hostel ($41 per night per pax)
Taipei – Airbnb ($14 per night per pax)


  1. Very informative and beautiful pictures, your trip looks like it was really fun! I should really consider visiting Taiwan, thanks!

    1. Thank you ! Yes ! You should visit taiwan !

  2. This is so thorough! What a great post! Looks like it was a jam-packed trip! Glad you were able to scratch something off the bucketlist! Happy Travels!

    1. Yeah !
      You should make a trip to taiwan too !

  3. Really impressed to see how much you did on such a small budget. Great breakdown. Thanks!

    1. Thank you ! 🙂
      I thank Taiwan for being affordable !

  4. A useful and detailed itinerary to help other travelers heading to Taiwan!!

  5. I would love to visit Taiwan someday! You did such a great job visiting it affordably and you got to see so much!

    1. you should visit Taiwan!
      She is pretty affordable and safe!

  6. Such a detailed post and great pictures!

  7. I’m so impressed with your budget, you really kept your travel costs down and managed to see a such a diverse range of attractions, sites and scenery. I’ve never seen a Taiwanese reality program or drama but understand how your TV habits can lead to you wanting to visit somewhere!

    1. HAHA yeah those TV programmes are addictive, that literally brings you into their “world” and be addicted to Taiwan. Taiwan is pretty affordable and you should make a plan there too !

  8. A friend of mine recently visited Taiwan and was not much happy about the destination. I don’t know what exactly went wrong with her trip. Your blog is really helpful and so much of detailed itinerary is really helpful.

    1. Ah. What happened. I find Taiwan one of the best destinations to go. The people are friendly, places are accessible and affordable.

  9. LOVE your photos! Looks like an incredible experience. So many activities packed in with such a great budget!

    1. Thank you. I also would like to thank Taiwan for being affordable and accessible!

  10. Wow that is so impressive. And the place looks absolutely fabulous. I am going to refer this post whenever I make a plan.

    1. Thank you 🙂 Hope you will make a trip to taiwan soon !

  11. Love your photo collages – what a great way to sum up each day’s activities!

    1. Thank you 🙂 I find them easier to digest as compared to individual images.

  12. Such an amazing trip on a small budget. The photos make me want to visit but I will make sure a drag my friend with who speaks the language.

    1. Ah. Taiwanese has basic knowledge in English. A lot backpackers are non chinese speakers, and they find it possible to navigate around. As compared to countries like Japan and Korea. Make a trip there ! U wont regret.

  13. This is great info, thanks! It’s good to get a realistic look at what can work schedule and budget-wise. Thank you!

    1. Also its pretty much accessible to those places!

  14. Taiwan is inching up higher and higher on my list of places I have to go! I’m like you, I like taking red eye flights. Great itinerary!

    1. Yeah. it save you $ from one night of hotel. And, when u reach, its time to go around !

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